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International Telecom and Datacom Consultancy Services

Business Planning
Starting up your business, expanding into new areas, introducing new products or services ... all require a detailed study before making this crucial decision.
This detailed study is what we call a Business Plan.
Arch-e-Tect.Net has the expertise to help you create high quality Business Plans.
As you know the acuracy of this is critical to the success of your company, as this is presented to your investors, banks or other important parties.

Vendor Assessment & Selection
Choosing a vendor is not always a straightforward decision. Nowadays not only technical and price aspects are deciding factors, but also financing and ongoing (operational) support is as critical. Therefor a good assessment is required.
Arch-e-Tect.Net has the experience in negotiating big and small contracts with large and smaller vendors, ensuring you get the best deal, so that your company can focus on its growth, rather than wasting time in ongoing contractual discussions, costing you a fortune.

Alliances, Partnerships, Mergers & Acquisitions
A successful business will grow at a fierce pace. Managing this is one thing, but continuous expansion is very hard to sustain through organic growth.
Arch-e-Tect.Net can help you identify a strategy ensuring your continious growth. This can be through focussed take-overs, strategic alliances, partnerships or mergers.
We will provide you a detailed study containing all aspects of Management control, Financial impact, Resource planning, etc.
Arch-e-Tect.Net works in the strictest discretion, guaranteeing your business interests.


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