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International Telecom and Datacom Consultancy Services

Project Management
From defining the project scope, setting up a team, assessment of required resources and skillsets, defining the milestones and the detailed (linked) tasks, to follow-up of timing and cost.
This combined with gathering information (by leading regular project meetings), risk analysis and remediation, reporting (any required format) and management skills to motivate a team, will guarantee the success of your project, meeting set timeframes and cost.
With more than 10 years experience in this area, we know what meeting tight deadlines is !

Program Management
Managing a multitude of projects, covering several linked area's or domains, though all converging to a single goal is what Program Management is all about.
As we understand all business area's (from Engineering and IT, over Customer Service, to Marketing and Sales) of a multitude of business types (mobile, fixed, ISP, ...), we are the best company to talk to.


Project Management and Program Management services
Transmission Modeling, Network Planning & Design and Interconnection Services
Business Processes and Business Simulation
Product Development and Implementation
Strategic Business Services
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