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International Telecom and Datacom Consultancy Services

Product Development
As service provider you want to distinguish yourself from your competitors by the services you offer and the way you offer them.
We can help you define your strategy towards introducing and implementing new services or modifying (read "improving") your existing ones.
We offer the whole a-z support, from creating a wishlist, defining a technical solution to simulating how the business will experience this new offering. Of course all of this comes with a technical and financial feasibility study.
Examples are: High Speed Internet Access, Digital Leased Lines, IP LAN-LAN interconnection, VoIP, VPN, WAP, new services for UMTS operators, ...

Product Implementation
When the concept has been agreed, a vendor and technical solution chosen, the processes developed, then implementation can start.
Depending on the scope, we can offer you support in all areas - from Project Management to technical Specialists -, so that you are guaranteed total quality and functionality of your new product.


Project Management and Program Management services
Transmission Modeling, Network Planning & Design and Interconnection Services
Business Processes and Business Simulation
Product Development and Implementation
Strategic Business Services
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