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Was founded on November 1, 1999 in Belgium as a Limited Company, by Steven Gailliaert, a Telecom and Datacom engineer.
His experience dates back from 1993 when he was involved with the first cellular mobile network start-up in Belgium. Progressing through many technical and managerial levels within several telecommunication companies (all with excellent results!),  Steven has combined this with his boundless motivation and has grown into a high level professional able to take his ambition to a different level and share his broad knowledge with third parties (see list of achievements).
Through a broad network of industry professionals, Arch-e-Tect.Net is able to offer you the highest level of proven expertise ensuring a successful completion of your telecom/datacom projects.

Arch-e-Tect.Net provides and has filled following positions:
       - Program Directors
       - Project Directors
       - Engineering & Implementation Directors (Technical Directors)
       - Business Process Directors and Managers
       - Several Managers and Specialists in these areas:
              * GSM, GPRS, LMDS, Gigabit Ethernet, SDH/PDH, ATM, IP, xDSL,                  LAN - WAN, RF, MNP (Mobile Number Portability), ...
              * We are UMTS ready

The standard working language is English. Following languages are mastered by Arch-e-Tect.Net's consultants: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish.

All Arch-e-Tect.Net consultants are equipped with top of the range portable computers and mobile phones, ensuring an immediate start of activities.

Alliances and Industry Membership
Arch-e-Tect.Net has signed a deal with IMT Consultancy Ltd of Hong Kong for global representation and technical support. This has given the company an immediate global exposure and has lead to Arch-e-Tect.Net's involvement in several International projects from the beginning.
Arch-e-Tect.Net is a member of IEEE and several other industry interest organisations, ensuring up to date technical knowledge.

Agencies and Recruiters

No services of any person currently involved with Arch-e-Tect.Net may be offered in any way, before prior written approval from Arch-e-Tect.Net. Please contact the contract department for further information and details (e-mail to:


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