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International Telecom and Datacom Consultancy Services

Business Processes
A lot of start-up companies underestimate this critical task of defining how you want to run your business. This is then later corrected through expensive process re-engineering.
Based on your Marketing strategy, we help you define the best way as to how your business will function in the most optimal and cost effective manner.
By leading crossfunctional Process teams and using structured workmethodologies, we will deliver exceptional results.
Creating or re-engineering your processes is what we excel in.
Some examples of areas we are specialised in are: Sales & Provisioning (or Activation), Billing & Collection, Customer Care & Follow-up, Product Development and Implementation, ...

Business Simulation
Before any commercial launch or new product introduction, running a Business Simulation is a minimum requirement for guaranteeing your service delivery.
Through extensive testing of your Business Processes, utilising multiple user scenario's and with detailed tracking, analysis and error correction, we guarantee that your customers will receive the highest quality of service.


Project Management and Program Management services
Transmission Modeling, Network Planning & Design and Interconnection Services
Business Processes and Business Simulation
Product Development and Implementation
Strategic Business Services
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